Save Fant Farm *UPDATE*

Save Fant Farm *UPDATE*

Fant Farm should never be built on!

Last night the Planning, Transport and Development Overview & Scrutiny Committee met to discuss all new sites that have been out forward for the Local Plan. This included the Fant Farm and Slencrest House sites in Fant.  The Fant Farm site is one dear to my heat and believe it should never ever be built on, not now not ever!


Save Fant Farm


So what happened at the Committee?

The committee unanimously voted to recommend that Fant Farm should be withdrawn from the Local Plan. Ward councillors Harper and Paine both addressed the committee both giving the reasons why the site should not be developed. Cllr Paul Harper spoke about the quality of the agricultural land, the lack of highways infrastructure to support the site and the importance of maintaining the Medway Valley as green space.


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What happens now?

While last nights decision was a great victory for the Save Fant Farm campaign there are still more hurdles to over come. Firstly it will now go to the cabinet at Maidstone Borough Council who will hopefully listen to the committee, ward councillors and local people and remove Fant Farm from the plan. Secondly the local plan must be adopted by Maidstone Borough Council before Fant Farm will get the protection it deserves. This process includes going out to consultation on the plan. It must be noted before the local plan is adopted developers may put in an application for planning permission on the site.  While I believe there are extremely good grounds for refusal for any building on the site we will need to fight any plan application submitted with the same team work as we did with this. Should any application for Fant Farm be submitted another campaign will be launched to fight against it!


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