Protection for private renters must improve

Protection for private renters must improve

Protection for private renters must improve

For too long the private rented sector has been left free and open to abuse by irresponsible landlords who do not take their responsibilities to tenants seriously.  With young adults today being dubbed ‘Generation Rent’ its no surprise this is a problem on the increase. With job security and wages at an all time low its no surprise young people are being forced to rent due to the lack of affordable housing and the large deposit needed to buy a home. This is increasingly a problem found in Fant where large properties have been subdivided into multi occupant accommodations frequently in old houses. Landlords often fail to fix problems with properties quickly and efficiently when they occur leaving tenants to live in squalid conditions. Problems can range from broken boilers, mould contaminations and rodent infestations.


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What is the solution?

Labour wants to create a landlord register. Letting agent licensing is needed to guarantee standards in the sector and drive out those who fail their tenants. New minimum standards of decency are needed to ensure that wherever someone privately rents, they won’t be subjected to hazards and disrepair. We also need to change the culture of the industry, making longer-term lets the norm to ensure security for private tenants. Labour will also put an end to rip off letting fees that estate agents charge customers who wish to rent.

On Friday 28th November a bill (Tenancies (Reform) Bill 2014-15) will be put before the house of commons calling for an End to ‘revenge evictions’ from Landlords who evict tenants who ask for repairs to be carried out. Maidstone Labour will continue to stand up for all renters across the Borough. We will continue to fight until renters get the security and conditions they deserve.


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Is Helen Grant MP a renter champion?

I have asked Helen Grant MP (current MP for Maidstone & the Weald)  to support this bill but am yet to here back from her office. Bellow is a copy of the email that I sent to her office I will let you know if I hear anything from her. I sincerely hope she will recognise this is an important issue that effects thousands of people across the Borough and support the bill.


“Dear Helen Grant MP,

Your colleague Sarah Teather has tabled a Bill that will bar landlords from evicting tenants if the home they are letting is below acceptable standards. I’m writing to you to ask you to support this Bill, the Tenancies (Reform) Bill – the link is below: bills/2014-15/tenanciesreform. html

This Bill won’t have any harmful effect on any landlord who takes his or her responsibility seriously – and that’s probably most of them. But to tenants this will relieve a large source of distress.

If a tenant has a broken boiler or radiator, or a problem with damp or mould, they’re supposed to contact the landlord. But they don’t know at that point if they’re going to be branded a “troublemaker” and get evicted. For vulnerable tenants in particular – people with nowhere else to go – this is a real fear that drives people into simply accepting worse living conditions.

Please let me know whether you intend to support this Bill.

Kind regards
Elliot Dean”


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