Maidstone Cycle Forum Launch Event

Maidstone Cycle Forum Launch Event

Maidstone Cycle Forum launches

Last night the Maidstone Cycling Forum launched with over 20 people attending all with different backgrounds including, cycle touring, race coaches , shops , commuter and pleasure cyclists.  It was fantastic to see a wide range of people coming from all across the Borough of Maidstone. The evening started with everyone introducing themselves to the forum before getting down to business.


Maidstone Cycle Forum


So what went on?


The forum recognised that cycling facilitates and infrastructure in Maidstone is 20 years behind that of areas of the UK.  Everyone had their own examples and frustrations including narrow cycle lane,lack of signage, and the absence of a joined up cycle network. A member of the San Fairy Ann cycling club said ” Cycling in Motepark on the cycle route I often get shouted out because people think I’m doing something wrong. Surly Maidstone Borough Council can put some sings up, how hard can it be?”. Lots of cyclists were also angry at Kent County Council decision to turn off the street lights across Kent. Members welcomed the Kent Labour Party’s campaign for the Right to Light.


While we recognise there is lots of work to do I pointed out that £2 million had been set aside for a cycle path between Maidstone & Tonbridge. It was decided a steering group would be set up to make recommendations to both Maidstone Borough Council and Kent County Council on the most effective way for this money to be spent. I was elected to the steering group alongside someone from the San Fairy Ann cycling club,  Cycle Touring Club representative and other keen cyclists. The steering group will meet up again in the near future and will report back to the main Maidstone Cycle Forum once we have some draft recommendations.


Maidstone's Cycling Forum


How can I join the Maidstone Cycle Forum?

If you would like to join the Maidstone Cycle forum please use the contact form so I can add your email address to our mailing list. I will also be posting on this website when our further meetings are.



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