Acorn business centre forced to shut!

Acorn business centre forced to shut!

Acorn business centre Maidstone forced to shut!



I have been extremely concerned over a planning application to build 22 homes on the Acorn Business Centre Maidstone site. Last night (26/02/2015) the planning committee heard the application but unfortunately it was approved by a majority Conservative & Libdem coalition. I was extremely disappointed to see Cllr Stephen Paine (Conservative) abstain from the vote ignoring local residents concerns despite being a ward councillor. This disastrous decision will see local business forced off the site and more over density occurring in Fant.  Councillor Paine even referred to the site as a “vacant brown field site” which is totally incorrect as the site is currently used by four businesses.


This sets an extremely disappointing president for the last few employment sites in both Milton and Hartnup Street. The loss of local employment land is irreplaceable and will inevitably cause people to travel further to work exasperating the congestion problems across Maidstone. This will also impact on the local parking problems and cause problems for residents in both Hartnup and Milton Streets. The site only has a very small entrance and exit so I am unsure how refuse collections will be made from the new homes let alone emergency vehicle access!


I’m extremely disappointed that this poor decision has been made by the planning committee. I will be contacting Maidstone Borough Council to make sure every effort is made to proactively find an alternative site for the businesses currently on the site else where in the Borough. Maidstone cannot afford to lose high quality jobs from the Borough like the jobs on this site.

How can I view the Acorn business centre Maidstone application?


  • The full application can be viewed on the Maidstone Borough Council website here or by searching the reference number 14/503755/FULL on their website.
  • Email your views to the council quoting the planning reference number: 14/503755/FULL.
  • Write to the council with your views quoting the planning reference:14/503755/FULL and send it to Planning Services, Maidstone House, King St, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6JQ.

If you have any further questions on the Acorn business centre Maidstone or anything else please feel free to contact me.


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